How Builders Insurance Saved The Day

Builders insurance (available from here in the UK) is not only a good way for builders to protect themselves against the many different risks that are possible during the construction phase of any project, but it can literally be a lifesaver. One day your average Joe builder, in fact his name is Joe, was on his way to his construction site to check on the progress of his spanking new building. You have to understand something about first though. He has the worst luck of anybody you ever met. Yet, he does not do any of the damage himself or on purpose, meaning he is eligible for builders insurance.

Despite his knack for bad luck, Joe has several buildings under construction in the area. He goes to check on his first building being built in a neighborhood with a reputation for not being the best in the city. This explains the graffiti sprayed on the side of steel beams at the construction site. Joe isn't worried, because he know his builders insurance will cover the cost to remove it. Just as he is leaving this site, Joe sneezes and startles an electrician who jumps with a wire in his hand and creates a spark setting some plywood on fire. The fire is quickly put out by the electrician's cup of coffee. Joe just waves, knowing that his builders insurance covers accidental fire.

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Joe made his way to his next construction site. On the way there, he noticed some storm clouds up in the sky. He did spend a little too much time looking at the sky though, going by the honks from the cars waiting behind him. At his second construction site, Joe discovered that a bolt of lightning struck the newly constructed brick wall, leaving a black mark standing out more than Lindsay Lohan at an AA meeting. Joe wasn't worried though, because he knew that his builders insurance covered lightning. Wind is also covered, which Joe found comforting after he noticed that the wind knocked down the left wall of his new building.

Joe heads to his next construction site. He arrives and finds the entire site flooded. It wasn't an act of nature though. If the flood was an act of nature, similar to an earthquake or other such acts, it would not be covered by builders insurance. It turns out the flood was caused by an ice cream truck that ran up onto the sidewalk and struck a fire hydrant when a dog ran out into the street after being startled by the chimes of the trucks tune. Bottom line, Joe's builders insurance will take cover the cost of the repairs.

Joe had just one more construction site to visit. There didn't seem to be anything wrong at this particular site. Joe was just about to leave when he heard a loud crash. A runaway hot dog cart came rushing down the street and crashed right through the newly constructed front office window. Joe was just about to panic when he remembered that his builders insurance would cover this too. Since the construction project was still not completed his coverage was still in effect. There you have it, an example of how builders insurance can save the day. Even if you are somebody with the luck, or lack thereof, that Joe has.


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